creation story

Topics: Mountain, Life, Tree Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: May 13, 2014
Creation Story #1
In the beginning, The Red Hills started as a vast land of emptiness. The land was covered with large mountain ranges, open valleys, and flat desserts. Life was nowhere to be seen, there were no animals, no trees, and no one inhabited the land. The land was one time inhabited by a tiny civilization that migrated north, in order to grow and prosper. Only three of the members of this land stayed behind, that was a man by the name of Lord Dupa, and his two sons named Spot and Frank. Nothing was left behind, a large storm devastated the area, killing everything.

Frank and Spot were very curious kids, but were also very different kids. The oldest son, Spot, was a small man with almost no muscle, he had a large head which was centered with a large nose. Frank was almost the opposite, he was considered to be very good looking and had long handsome locks, and had muscles beyond all beliefs. Frank was generally considered to be the “good” kid, while Spot was always getting in trouble, or doing things that he shouldn’t be doing. Lord Dupa had his hands full with his two sons. They were constantly fighting each other, as they had very different interests. But one thing they had in common was the thought that they needed to create a great land here in The Red Hills. They both agreed that something needed to be done, the land had lots of potential and they had the power to create a great land for many people to enjoy.

The blank slate that was The Red Hills provided them with great opportunity. They could do anything with the empty land that they had all to themselves. The only problem they had was that they both wanted all of the land to themselves; neither of them was willing to share it. So, Lord Dupa their father stepped in and decided that they would each be given half of the land, separated by the large mountain range that ran directly through the center of the land. Frank was given the western half, and Spot the eastern.

Both of the...
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