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Create the Value: Market Segmentation Analysis and a Value Proposition MKTG522: An Introduction to Marketing Management 
Professor Schauer
Megan Purdy
Keller Graduate School of Management
November 11, 2014

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What is Daylesford Organic Farm and what makes them such a draw for consumers? Daylesford Organic Farm is located in the countryside of the English Cotswold’s and its owners are Lord Anthony and Lady Bamford. Lady Bamford started the farm after continually being frustrated at the idea of serving her family unhealthy and treated foods. Over 30 years, these partners have transformed the land into one of the most successful and long running organic farms in the United Kingdom. They are a fully working and producing farm that is open to the public for tours and purchasing as well as an onsite cooking school and even cottages to accommodate weekend visitors. (

Daylesford tends to draw consumers that have a similar desire to want to eat clean, chemical free, natural and organic products. The farm has a set of principles by which they run their business. These principles would in turn be quite appealing to individuals that share those desires and the lifestyle. The goal or aim of Daylesford Organic Farm is to be 100% self-sufficient, not use chemicals on their land or animals, create a safe environment for wild life and even reuse the rainwater. They source their foods responsibly, take care to use recycled packaging, work to protect the natural resources of the land that they use and work to educate others about the concept of organic and healthy living. (

What makes consumers want to use organic products and incorporate them into their lifestyles? When consumers buy organic products, they can be assured that they know where the majority of their food is coming from. Most people simply choose organic because they think it just tastes better. The fact that the organic farming industry is held to higher standards, especially in Europe is an added incentive or benefit. It gives consumers the assurance that they are purchasing products that meet the criteria of the lifestyle they have established for themselves and their family. The success of Daylesford Farm can greatly be attributed to their reputation of continually meeting these standards and the production of superior products for their consumers. Daylesford Farm doesn’t actually make any product on their premises, which in turn can help to keep the cost of their day to day business down. They instead source their business out to other

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like-minded suppliers that value the quality and sustainability of their products. ( When looking at the ideal market or target groups for new products and businesses, there are a number of different variables to be considered. Some of the include the geographic region being considered, the size of that location and the type of area it is, the climate of the area, the age demographic, family sizes and their life cycles, genders, income and occupation, education, religion, race and nationality, social class, lifestyle, personality, benefits, usage rates, and the loyalty, readiness and attitude of the potential market. (Armstrong & Kotler, 2014, 2012, 2010) I believe that the need of the product and the business should also be strongly considered as well as the history of success or failure in other areas as well. In terms of the potential market for organic farms in the United States, it can be said that the market is increasing relatively quickly. This market can be a very profitable and sustainable business for those in agriculture that have interest in becoming certified. There is a projection for continuous and steady growth of 9% or higher. The organic farming and food market is still quite new and...

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