Topics: Drug addiction, Brain, Nervous system Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: June 3, 2007
Crack is a drug. It is related to cocaine. In fact, it is mainly made out of cocaine. Crack is a smokable form of cocaine. It is less expensive and much more potent. After smoking crack once or twice, your body and brain immediately react or change. You begin to experience paleness, a decreased appetite, increased heartbeat and respiration, and your body temperature is raised along with your blood pressure. If you take large amounts at a time, you could begin to have violent behavior, tremors, loss of coordination, start to twitch, have hallucinations, pain or pressure in chest, nausea, blurred vision, fever, muscle spasms, convolutions, heart attack and stroke. When you smoke crack, you begin to be high in less than 10 seconds. Within these 10 seconds, crack travels directly to your brain. Once it hits it, it can and most likely will disturb the brains' electrical messages.

Once you are done smoking crack, you should not think that the immediate changes that occurred are everything that will ever happen. If you do, you are extremely wrong. In the long run, smoking crack damages your lungs, causes pain in throat and chest, and then if that is not enough, you begin to cough up phlegm. Your heart begins to slowly fail and your blood vessels soon get constricted. The brain chemicals that earlier allowed you to get high or feel the "pleasure" of it become depleted. They can never be restored. Since these are only extended affects to the body, wait till you hear the long term affects of your inner being. Your personality will soon change from being kind to being very short-tempered. You will then begin to feel suspicious of people and you will not be able to concentrate. All the times you enjoyed previously, now can't enjoy them or future experiences. You struggle with depression more than you did before the drug, you find it hard to sleep, experience dizziness, you will have blurred vision, and to top it off, you get paranoid easily. These are all things that...
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