Conventional Thoughts on Rational Choice Making and the Effects of Haidt’s Theory

Topics: Brain, Human brain, Neuron Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: June 2, 2013
In his book, Happiness Hypothesis, Jonathan Haidt goes into a discussion about four different divisions of the human mind. The discussion is meant to attack the conventional theories concerning our ability to make rational choice and mental processing. It is hence a very complex journey of defining each segment of human mind. In this essay, I will go over four divisions of human mind and add my own personal conflicts regarding the said matter.

As you may all know, the mind and body are connected in a direct manner and is inseparable in their nature. The body is governed by the mind and must fulfill whatever commands the latter may transmit through a series of neural signals. The mind, therefore, is the central commanding center of human essence and has control over every sector of a human being. The known system of bodily manipulation is called the Autonomic Nervous System or ANS in short dubbed form. It pervades every inch of human body and has control over organs and tissues in it. The said system is a type of control that’s directly linked to human will and is subjective to human consciousness. Humans are epitome of creation and are known for their imperfection being the ironic turn of a cause for their perfection. In other words, their imperfect nature is what makes them truly human. Such trait exists even in the controlling cycle of human bodies. The most notable system of this category must be the Enteric Nervous System. It is a network of millions upon millions of neurons that handle the digestion and separation of goods from unnecessary factors from the goods that humans absorb into their mouth. Its functions are distinctively separate from the control of ANS, which makes a case of suicide from an instantaneous self-induced starvation or malnutrition impossible of a task for humans to commit. It drives on human instinct and are singularly free from the human mind, which proves the notion that human instinct could sometimes overpower their will. The...
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