Control and Coordination

Topics: Brain, Nervous system, Neuron Pages: 5 (1273 words) Published: August 7, 2013
Date : ECT (NA) QB /XIII-XIV J-03 Science(Bio)

Q.1Name the fundamental unit of nervous system.
Q.2What are the main parts of nervous system in higher invertebrates? Q.3What are photoreceptors?
Q.4What are olfactoreceptors?
Q.5What are phonoreceptors?
Q.6Name the other system besides nervous system in the body of higher animals. Q.7What is a neuron?
Q.8What are receptors?
Q.9Mention the receptors for light and sound in animals.
Q.10What is the general scheme of travelling nervous impulses in the body? Express the events briefly by line diagram only.
Q.11Look at figure given below and identify the parts of a neuron.
i) Where information is acquired.
ii) Through which information travels as an electrical impulse.
iii) Where this impulse must be converted into a chemical signal for onward transmission. Q.12i) Put some sugar in your mouth. How does it taste?
ii) Block your nose by pressing it between your thumb and index finger. Now eat sugar again. Is there any difference in its taste? iii) While eating lunch, block your nose in the same way [as in point (ii)] and notice if you can fully appreciate the taste of the food you are eating. Q.13 Name the systems in human body which help in control and coordination. Q.14What are the various types of nervous system

A.15 Name the structural and functional unit of nervous system. Q.16Name the components of neuron.
Q.17What are the three types of neurons found in human body? Q.18What are the junction point of two neuron called?
Q.19What is a reflex action?
Q.20Which part of the brain controls the heart beat, blood vessels and breathing? Q.21Which part of the brain is the centre of intelligence?
Q.22Name the structure of sensory neuron that first receives sensation of stimulus say pain. Q.23In which form message is transported by the sensory neurons? Name the structure through which these signals are transported.

Q.24What are nerve impulses?
Q.25In what form information is passed through neurons?
Q.26What are the functions of the dendrites and the axon?
Q.27What is cerebrospinal fluid?
Q.28What are synapses?
Q.29What is the basic unit of the nervous system? Name its types. Explain how it works. Q.30What is the structure of neuron?
Q.31Illustrate the pathway of a reflex action (sneezing). Details not required . Q.32What is a reflex action?
Q.33What are the three major regions of human brain? What are their functions? Q.34Why do most of the animals show instinctive behavior rather than intelligent behavior? Q.35What are the overall functions of the human brain?

Q.36Trace the path of reflex action with the help of a diagram. Q.37What are thinking tissue? Where are they located? What is the main function of these tissue? Q.38Draw a labeled illustrative diagram of reflex are involved in reflex action when we touch a hot plate.

Q.39Draw a labeled diagram of a section of human brain.
Q.40Describe the central nervous system in human beings.
Q.41 What is a ganglion?
Q.42Mention the function of the fore brain.
Q.43Write the functions of any one part of hind brain.
Q.44What is the autonomic nervous system?
Q.45 Nervous and hormonal system together perform the function of control and coordination in human
beings. Justify the statement.
Q.46List the specified main functions of fore-brain, mid-brain and hind-brain. Q.47i) Compare voluntary and involuntary actions. OR ii) Differentiate between reflex actions and
voluntary actions.
Q.48What do you mean by the term coordination?
Q.49How many types of coordination?
Q.50How does control and coordination take place in plants? Q.51 What are the plant growth regulators?
Q.52Write names of four plant growth regulators?
Q.53Which parts of the plant body produce growth regulators? Q.54Name one hormone which regulates fall of...
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