Topics: Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, United Arab Emirates, Natural environment Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Conservation and Environmental Protection in the UAE

Introduction – The world is on global village not just through connectivity but also in the fact that we all share this earth and must work at saving and preserving its natural resources not just for us but also for our children. That’s why conservation and environmental protection has always been an essential part of the efforts to make the UAE the country it needs to be. To understand how to protect the land and environment, we must understand first what the causes are and how they developed as well as their effects. Then what are the plans in effect and what future plans need to be established to support the existing plans and solve any new issues that start. Background – To begin with, we must look back to how the ecosystem used to be here. Before the union and when development was slow, the ecosystem in the UAE was not under too much pollution. Nature was pure and people lived from and with nature. There was no real danger of industry and urbanisation as much as it is now. However when the emirates were finally united and slowly development of the country started more rapidly, the forward thinker HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan knew that problems will come. Causes and Effects – Any country while developing will have a harmful effect on its ecosystem especially with the growth of industry and urbanisation and this is not different here, but even more serious because of the country being one of the largest producers of petrol and natural gas. Therefore with more factories built to extract oil and other factories to manufacture goods, pollution will rise. Other than the fact that the more buildings, towns and cities are built up, the more people, waste, damage to the land and removal of vegetation and animals from their habitat there will be. Conclusion - So the truth is that growth is good and we must continue to grow and develop as a country and people but that should never come with the cost of losing...
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