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All nurses and midwives have to comply with the legislation relating to confidentiality. Data Protection Act came into place in 1998, the purpose of the Act is to protect individuals by how data is controlled, store, obtained and disclosed. Data Protection Act is designed to make sure and put in place what personal information may or may not be shared and also what can be with the information. Confidentiality has been described as central to preserving the human dignity of patients. All nurses and midwives have legal and professional responsibilities to respect the rights of patients and clients and to treat them equally. Health professionals have a responsibility to hold information of patients private unless given consent by patients to disclose their information. Also according to the (NMC) code 2008 all nurses are required to protect and respect the patient’s rights to confidentiality, and also make sure all patients/clients are informed on how and why the information might be passed on to other members providing their care Data Protection Act 1998 was introduced in October 2001 replacing previous legislation. The Act works to strengthen all ways of keeping records and patient information including computerised, manual records, and also paper based information. It also works to avoid patient information being kept for a long period unnecessary; the Act has also given the right to individuals to access any personal information or health records about themselves. All registered nurses must ensure when handling, moving and storing patient’s records, the patient’s confidentiality is not put to risk of being misplaced or put where anyone can access them. Disclosing information in the health care setting is considered ethical if only given consent by the patient however in some other circumstances e.g. The PCEA (1984) Police and Criminal Evidence Act may allow healthcare professionals to pass information to the police in case someone is in serious danger or...
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