Computer and Human Brain

Topics: Computer, Human brain, Brain Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: June 24, 2011
Many of us think that computers are many many times faster, more powerful and more capable when compared to our brains simply because they can perform calculations thousands of time faster, workout logical computations without error and store memory at incredible speeds with flawless accuracy. But is the the computer really superior to the human brain in terms of ability , processing power and adaptability ? We now give you the real comparison.

Processing Power and Speed 
The human brain - We can only estimate the processing power of the average human brain as there is no way to measure it quantitatively as of yet. If the theory of taking nerve volume to be proportional to processing power is true we then, may have a correct estimate of the human brain's processing power. The human brain - So far, we have never heard of anybody's brain being "overloaded" because it has ran out of memory. (So it seems as if, the human brain has no limit as to how much memory it can hold. That may not be true) we can safely say that the average brain can hold about 100 million megabytes of memory !!! The latest, greatest super computers (as of 1998) have a million megabytes of memory. Today's latest model of hard disk drives on the personal computer market (in early 2000) can hold about 40,000 megabytes  (40 gigabytes) of memory.

Performance and Ability - So, even though we have proved it to you that the brain is far more superior to today's best computers, many of us out there wouldn't believe it. Why ? Because of the differences in performance. We can obviously see that any low-end computer can beat the fastest human at calculation as well as storing and processing of any information. Here's what we have to say. Although the brain has got more ability, it has got more tasks to perform than that expected of a computer. Did you realize that the brain is has to constantly take charge of maintaining the human body functions for the entire lifetime its host ? Actions like...
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