Communication Apprehension

Topics: Communication, Conversation, Graphic communication Pages: 4 (900 words) Published: March 7, 2015
Emily Gray
Professor Farley
2 February 2015
Communication Apprehension
During the first couple classes of my eight A.M. communications class I began to notice some things about how others communicate. We began to discuss why some people are nervous or apprehensive when it comes to having a simple conversation with another person. Some of those reasons could be fear of rejection, low self-esteem, or not wanting to seem foolish when speaking to that person. After taking the personal report of communication apprehension test it became very clear as to how I work and communicate with others. Through grading myself and seeing my test results I can only imagine how difficult it must be for some individuals to express themselves in a large group setting. When calculating my scores of the PRCA-24 I was not surprised at how my scores came out. My scores came to a 51, which indicated that I have a low level of communication apprehension. The reason I believe that I have low communication apprehension is because of my hobbies and interests. Ever since I was little I have enjoyed being outgoing and expressive of my opinions. My mother noticed my outgoing personality and decided to enroll me in theatre classes to allow me to express myself freely without judgment. After going to a couple of classes I realized how much I loved performing and talking to people. Since then I have been performing and excelling in giving speeches and public speaking. For that very reason I was not surprised at my test results because I have been comfortable expressing myself in front of a large group of people for many years of my life. With the help of my partner, Jessica Stowell, we have researched and came up with a few ideas and tactics on how to improve a person’s communication apprehension. A common tip that came up in our research is being prepared to give a speech. In order to be prepared you have to make many steps. Some of these steps can include: memorizing...
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