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Table of contents
1-Introduction 4
2-Types of Verbal Communication 5
2.1 Oral Communication 5
2.2. Written Communication 5
2.3 Technological Communication 5

3-Types of Nonverbal Communication 6
3.1 Facial Expression 6
3.2. Gesture 6
3.3 Body language and Posture 6

4- Critical discussion on the function of verbal and non verbal communication 7

5- Suggestion on the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of verbal and non verbal communication 7,8

6- Conclusion 8

7- References 9,10

Importance Of Communication

Communication is a necessity as we use it in the workplace, express thoughts, promotes, ideas and feeling. Communication is a source of information and ideas to the organization in order to make decisions and helps to identify an activity that an individual may follow. Communication helps an employee to perform the job and learn to take responsibilities. Communication promotes motivation by giving clear information and instruction about the task to be done, this can improve employee performance. Problems can be solved by having a good communication between the employer and employee. For example, if the employee incomplete the given task without asking for clear direction, he or she may have to quit the job. For not asking questions may damage your future job opportunities. “Without effective communication skills, a person may find it impossible to climb up the corporate ladder” (Formby, 2007). If you are not able to communicate properly, you may feel that people do not understand you or you may feel left alone. This might affect your career in the corporate world.

Communication is the process of exchanging information. The elements in communication process are sender, message, receiver, channel and feedback. “You may able to escape an aspect of communication, but you cannot escape communication as a whole” (Iyer, 2010). Communication is very important to all kinds of organization whether big or small. There are two types of communication, verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication is a message transmitted verbally or done by word of mouth or a piece of wilting. Non verbal communication is overall the body language of the person who is speaking.

I have taken the business corporate world for the discussion of verbal and non verbal communication. In the corporate world, communication is the part of

Types of Verbal Communication
Oral Communication
Oral communication is the spoken words in the communication process. It includes face to face conversation, a conversation over the phone, television, radio,video conferencing, voice chat over the internet or any other media. There are other forms of oral communication such as rumors, public lectures, conferences etc. In oral communication, the meaning and message can be conveyed depends on the speed and clarity of speech, volume, pitch, voice modulation.

Written Communication
Written communication is very common in the business field. Communication can be done using symbols, written signs. Written communication includes memos, job description, handbook, brochures, contracts, faxes, bullet points, employee manuals, press release, formal business proposal and many more. A message can be transmitted via an SMS, email, letter, text chats and typed electronic documents. The effectiveness of written communication depends on vocabulary and grammar used, phrasing, punctuation, writing style, clarity and precision of language. As long as your message is clear, you have a good chance of sharing your idea with whomever takes the time to read what you've written. (Logan, 2010). Whatever you wrote is clear, you might have better chances of transmitting your idea to the receiver.


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