Common: Nonverbal Communication and Data Protection Act

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Facial expression Pages: 4 (697 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Study Day 1 Box 1
You have to make a staff leaflet. This can be A4 size or folded A4 size. This is what you need to write:
U 7 1.1 The different reasons people communicate
* Express needs
* Share ideas and information
* To reassure
* Express feelings
* Build relationships
* Socialise
* Ask questions
* Share experiences
U7 3.1 The barriers to effective communication
* Background and culture
* Sensory impairment
* Dialect
* Use of jargon
* Language not appropriate
* Noise and poor lighting
* Attitudes
* Effects of alcohol/drugs
* Aggression
* Mental health problems
* Health conditions
* Lack of confidence
* Breakdown in relationships

U7 1.3 Why you should observe someone’s reactions / how people use and interpret communication methods. * Verbal communication, pitch, tone and silence
* Non-verbal communication, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, gestures. * Understand their emotional state
* When to know information has been understood
* When and how to adjust communication methods
* Recognising barriers to communication.

U7 1.2 How effective communication affects you work
* Communication with colleagues, parent/carers and children * Support the development of effective relationships
* Helps to build trust
* Aids understanding of individuals’ needs
* Prevents misunderstandings
* Support the development of own knowledge and skills

U5 1.1 Why working in partnership with others is important
* Working in partnership. Parents/carers/colleagues
* Promoting inclusive practice
* Sharing common goals
* Identifying and meeting individual needs
* Providing support for children / families
* Improving outcomes – Early Years Foundation Stage

U5 1.3
The features of good partnership working should be a paragraph and include developing positive working relationships with colleagues and...
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