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Topics: Fair trade, Coffee, Starbucks Pages: 3 (423 words) Published: May 13, 2014
Title: What is Fair Trade coffee and why companies in the United States should purchase it. Introduction: Andres Agudelo: Share quick facts of who I am and what relates me to coffee. Transition to a speaker favorable statement where I set in the idea that coffee is generally a popular drink, involve the audience. Ask the audience (audience member-volunteer) to point out differences between the non-certified free trade coffee and the one that is certified. One participant will be rewarded for participation by receiving free coffee coupon from Starbucks. Purpose: Inform and promote to the audience on what is fair trade coffee, benefits to the consumer and its global community. Establish credibility: Establish credibility as an enthusiastic coffee personality with the audience by engaging with audience members in a coffee comparison display. Having and distinguishing two coffees from different brands will help in getting visual interest throughout the audience. One brand is free trade market certified and the other one is not. Subliminally I have the audience member’s attention; since the audience tends to see me with a cup of Starbucks coffee while I’m in class, it gives me some percentage of credibility. Preview main points:

Coffee – Coffee Sells
Fair Trade Coffee
1. Main Point: Coffee sells
Speak about the popularity of coffee in the United States
Show USDA 2012/2013 Coffee: World Markets and Trade charts including Coffee consumption, Total Coffee Imports, to establish popularity and touch on the main point-Coffee sells. Show Coffee Production Chart from USDA Coffee: World Markets and Trade Transition: Is all coffee the same?

2. Main Point: Coffee markets and expansion
Fair trade
Speak about the popularity of organic and how consumers are becoming more conscious on what they consume. Transition: New Markets: Organic certification, Free Trade certification 3. Main Point: Free trade works-Ethics and Morals sell

What is...

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