Cna Chapter 8 Review

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Florencia Sanders
CNA Fast Track
Corinth Campus
Assignment 1
8 Chapter Review

1. List six basic human needs.
* Food and water
* Protection and shelter
* Activity
* Sleep and rest
* Safety
* Comfort

2. What psychosocial needs do humans have?
* Love and affection
* Acceptance by others
* Security
* Self-reliance and independence in daily living
* Contact with other people
* Success and self esteem

3. According to Maslow, which needs must be met first, physical or emotional? Physical needs

4. What does giving holistic care mean?
Caring for the whole person – the mind as well as the body

5. List six examples of losses that residents may experience. * Loss of spouse, family members, or friends due to death * Loss of workplace and its relationships due to retirement * Loss of ability to go to favorite places

* Loss of ability to attend services and meetings at their faith communities * Loss of home and personal possessions

6. What are six problems that lack of independence can cause? *
* Poor self-image
* Anger toward caregivers, others, and self
* Feelings of helplessness, sadness, and hopelessness
* Feelings of being useless
* Increased dependence
* Depression

7. List four ways to accommodate residents’ sexual needs. * Always knock or announce yourself before entering residents’ rooms. Listen and wait for a response before entering. * If you encounter a sexual situation, provide privacy and leave. However, if you see sexual abuse occurring, take the resident to a safe place, and notify the nurse immediately. * Be open and nonjudgmental about residents’ sexual attitudes. Do not judge residents’ sexual orientation or any sexual behavior you see. * Honor “Do not Disturb” signs.

8. How can nursing assistants help residents meet their spiritual needs? * Assist with practices such as dietary restrictions.
* If residents are religious, encourage participation in religious services. * Respect all religious items.
* Report to the nurse (or social worker) if your resident expresses the desire to see clergy. * Get to know the priest, rabbi, or minister who visits or calls your resident. * Allow privacy for clergy visits.

* If asked, read religious materials aloud.
* If a resident asks you, help find spiritual resources available in the area.

9. What is never allowed regarding residents’ spiritual or religious needs? * Try to change someone’s religion
* Tell residents their belief or religion is wrong
* Express judgments about a religious group
* Insist residents join religious activities
* Interfere with religious practices

10. Pick three religions listed in learning Objective 6 and briefly describe them. Feel free to add information that is not included in the Learning Objective. * Buddhism: Buddhists believe that life is filled with suffering that is caused by desire, and that suffering ends when desire ends. * Christianity: Christians believe Jesus Christ was the son of God and that he died so their sins would be forgiven. * Hinduism: Hindu beliefs vary widely; there may be a belief in only one God or in multiple gods. Hindus believe in reincarnation.

11. If a resident is an atheist, but her NA believes in God, is it okay for the NA to ask the resident to pray with her? NO

12. List seven ways that regular physical activity can help a person. *
* Relieving symptoms of depression
* Improving mood and concentration
* Improving body function
* Lowering the risk of falls
* Improving sleep quality
* Improving ability to cope with stress
* Increasing energy

13. List seven ways that inactivity and immobility can cause problems for a person. *
* Loss of self-esteem
* Depression
* Boredom
* Pneumonia
* Urinary...
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