Cipd Recording, Analysing Data Activity 1

Topics: Employment, Data Protection Act 1998, Non-departmental public body Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: May 4, 2012
Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information

Two Reasons Why Organisations Need To Collect HR Data

1) To comply with legislative and regulatory requirements – Organisations need to collect data in order to comply with regulations such as minimum wage, working time directive, health and safety and even health and safety.

2) Keeping training and performance records on employees enables management to assess individual productivity and performance and allows them to help the employee reach there full potential and in turn increase productivity.

Two Types Of Data Collected and How Each Supports HR Practices

1) Statutory Records - Such as tax, national insurance contributions, sickness and SSP, hours worked and accident book. These types of records ensure that the HR department complies with all regulatory requirements

2) Organisational Records – Such as Recruitment and Selection records, absence, staff turnover records, learning and development records. These types of records are essential for the HR department and allows them to monitor staffing levels and recruit when necessary, monitor staff sickness to ensure productivity is not being affected and also to if there is anything the organization can do to cut down on sickness levels and records to ensure that staff are maintaining a high level of efficiency through learning and development activities.

Two Methods of storing records and benefits of each

Manual System: Filing Cabinet – Files are easily accessible and doesn’t require a computer to be turned on. Manual system cannot be affected by loss of power or hackers cannot access a manual filing system from another computer

Computerised System: The benefits of a computerised filing system are numerous, and include reduced costs to the company, benefits to the environment, increased ease of sorting, finding, and moving documents. Another benefit is that it allows the office to operate in a smaller...
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