Christians And Muslims Responded Differ

Topics: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis Pages: 2 (900 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Christians and Muslims Responded Differently to the Black Death

Imagine that you are in Europe visiting family and they all get sick, and soon they start dying all around you. People who go the Black Death suffered severely. The Black Death killed approximately one third of each country’s population that it reached. There were three types of the Black Death, the bubonic plaque, the septicemic plague, and the pneumonic plague; the most common was bubonic. When you had the pneumonic strain you would usually die within fifty hours and would be spitting up blood. The bubonic plague had many symptoms, but not as bad. The bubonic plague gave you these swellings or tumors called buboes which were extremely painful. Although Muslims and Christians both suffered due to the Black Death, the Muslims turned toward their god, and the Christians turned away from theirs; this is just one of the many ways that they responded differently.

In the mid-14th century the Christians were nearly wiped out by the Black Death. The Christians thought that the Jews poisoned their water supplies in their wells. They burned them because they believed the poison that the Jews put in their well was the cause of the Black Death (Document 7). After the Black Death was over, in 1969 Philip Ziegler calculated the death rates for the English population. He noticed that the death rate for the priests in England was dramatically higher than the other death rates in England at 45%. This was because the priests in England were committing very selfish acts; they would leave their town and churches to go to cities that had a higher amount of the sick so that they could get more money to take care of the sick, however this didn’t matter since they were around so many sick people that they had a higher chance of getting the Black Death and dying (Document 6). The Christians had many prevention tactics for the Black Death, they would build fires to purify the air, and breathe in latrine vapors,...
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