China and Europe Before 1400s

Topics: Silk Road, Mongol Empire, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: November 10, 2011
A society's strength is defined by its wealth, strength of defense, and political stability. During the time 1000-1400, China was going through a renaissance age. The empire was unified, trade thrived, the empire's defense was very strong and China as a whole was very rich. On the other hand, Europe did not have a unified government. Its defense was poor and in1348-1350, the Black Death reached Europe which further weakened individual nations by taking away the lives of thousands of people therefore reducing the region's manpower. Powered by wealth, defense, and political stability, it would seem as though China was more eligible to take over the world by 1400. In comparison to China, Europe's wealth was much less because the region was separated politically and was suffering from internal conflicts. Because Europe was under feudalist system, wealth was centralized through religion, Christianity, not through politics. China's wealth thrived with enhanced trade on the Silk Road and because China was united, the empire's wealth as a whole was much more in comparison to Europe's. Under Mongolian rule, the Silk Road was a very secure place to trade and their big ships enhanced sea trade. This improved China's trade and thus upped the empire's wealth. China also gained wealth from their vast land expeditions and conquest by the Mongol Empire. In Europe, because there was no centralized government and money, huge trade expeditions could not happen; wealth was split amongst the lords. Individual lords had their own wealth and the region had no unified wealth. Europe was also suffering from a lot of internal conflicts. The region was politically and religiously unstable thus Europe could not focus on external affairs such as trading, which is the main piece of puzzle to a region's properity. As such, Europe was not as wealthy as China. China's strength of defense was more powerful than Europe's because of unity and manpower. Under feudalism, Europe...
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