Chidcare and Development Level 3 Unit 025

Topics: Childhood, Abuse, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 6 (1798 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Assessment criteria 1.1
List and outline the main legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures that safeguard children and young people. The main legislations that safeguard children and young people are, Children’s act 1989- which states the responsibilities of parents and professionals who must work to ensure the safety of the child. This Act includes two important sections which focus specifically on child protection. Section 47- states that the Local Authority has ‘a duty to investigate when there is a reasonable cause to suspect that a child is suffering or likely to suffer, significant harm. Section 17- states that services must be put into place to ‘safeguard and promote the welfare of children within the area who are in need. The education act 2002- which states the responsibilities of Local Education Authorities (LEAs), governing bodies, head teachers and all those working in schools to ensure that children are safe and free from harm. Children’s act 2004- This provides the legal framework for Every Child Matters. It includes the requirement for: • services to work more closely, forming an integrated service • a ‘common’ assessment of children’s needs

• a shared database of information which is relevant to the safety and welfare of children • Earlier support for parents who are experiencing problems. The main policies and procedures that safeguard children and young people are, • Child protection/safeguarding children

• Anti bullying
• Collection or late collection by parents or carers
• Missing children
• Photograph policy
• Safe recruitment of staff and volunteers
• Safe internet use
• Whilst blowing procedure
• Procedure responding to concerns/ allegations of abuse or of poor practice

Assessment criteria 1.2
Explain how Child Protection comes into the wider concept of safeguarding children and young children. Child protection is a part of safeguarding and promoting well being of children and young children because it refers to the action that is taken to protect specific child/children who are suffering or are likely to suffer significant harm.

The Human Rights Act 1989- this does not fully account to children but it shows what some human rights are which are aimed at children such as, • Right to an education
• The right to life
• Freedom form torture
This protects and safeguards children because this is a legislation that has been put into place to protect all people in the UK Assessment criteria 1.3
Analyse guidelines like Every Child Matters and The Children’s Act 2004 along with your settings policies and procedures for safeguarding, and say how they affect your day to day work with children and young people. Every Child Matters declares that schools are required to support students to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being, no matter what their background or circumstance. When nurseries or schools are unsafe or unwelcoming to children, they are breaching Every Child Matters. ECM is based on the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child. The Children’s Act 2004 was designed with guiding principles in mind for the care and support of children.These are: • To allow children to be healthy

• Allowing children to remain safe in their environments • Helping children to enjoy life
• Assist children in their quest to succeed
• Help make a contribution – a positive contribution – to the lives of children • Help achieve economic stability for our children’s futures My setting follows both every child matter and the children’s act 2004 because we have to promote the safety, success and well being of all children in our care to give them the best we can offer so they have a good successful start in life that can continue throughout the rest of their life.

Assessment criteria 1.4
Explain when and why inquiries...
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