Chicza Organic Chewing Gum

Topics: Organic food, Genetically modified organism, Organic farming Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Why Germany Market?
German chewing gum sales have grown moderately every year since 1995. According to Kaugummi-Verband by index value Per capita consumption of chewing gum in Germany is 89 and it’s the sixth position in world wide. So, if Chicza enter into the Germany market, they can capture the chewing gum market because in Germany there is a growing trend toward healthy foods which presents opportunities for organic chewing gum.

Germany focus on renewable energy economy, so they will care about eco-nutrition, so their desire to preserve the environment also has a strong influence because consumers would like to buy environmentally friendly products. There is a free trade for organic products other than synthetic, hybrid and other genetically modified food products

SWOT analysis :
( is an organic chewing gum and it is biodegradable. The raw materials used are natural ingredients. The EU Organic Farming Regulation stipulates that, for a product to bear references to organic production, it must consist of at least 70% organically produced ingredients. Chicza has 100% organic based ingredients. This is good for health. It is the only chewing gum approved by USDA. It has a high level of differentiation. Good market image. Weakness

Source of raw material is limited. It has to be extracted only in the rainforest of south – east Mexico. Chiczopote trees (Latex for producing chewing gum extracted from this tree) does not produce latex in other environment conditions. The chicle industry almost died out after the development of synthetic chicle in the 1950's. The co-operative, located on the edge of a rainforest reserve, has developed this sustainable and organic gum as a way to revive the industry and the skills. The chicleros, as they are called, preserve the rainforest whilst getting the white sap from the trees. As they say: "We don't kill the trees like farmers do when they clear land to grow corn or graze cattle. We leave a...
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