Chapter 11 Outline and Summary Ap European History

Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages Pages: 4 (916 words) Published: September 8, 2013


I. A Time of Troubles: Black Death and Social Crisis
A. Famine and Population
B. The Black Death
1. Spread of the Plague
2. Life and Death: Reactions to the Plague
C. Economic Dislocation and Social Upheaval
1. Noble Landlords and Peasants
2. Peasant Revolt in France
3. An English Peasant Revolt
4. Revolts in the Cities
II. War and Political Instability
A. Causes of the Hundred Years’ War
B. Conduct and Course of the War
1. Early Phases of the War
2. Renewal of War
3. Joan of Arc
4. End of the War
C. Political Instability
D. The Growth of England’s Political Institutions
E. The Problems of the French Kings
F. The German Monarchy
1. Electoral Nature of the German Monarchy
G. The States of Italy
1. Duchy of Milan
2. Republic of Florence
3. Republic of Venice
III. The Decline of the Church
A. Boniface VIII and the Conflict with the State
B. The Papacy at Avignon (1305-1377)
C. The Great Schism
D. New Thoughts on Church and State and the Rise of Conciliarism
1. The Conciliar Movement
E. Popular Religion in an Age of Adversity:
1. Mysticism and Lay Piety
2. Unique Female Mystical Experiences
F. Changes in Theology
IV. The Cultural World of the Fourteenth Century
A. The Development of Vernacular Literature
1. Dante
2. Petrarch
3. Boccaccio
4. Chaucer
5. Christine de Pizan
B. Art and the Black Death
V. Society in an Age of Adversity
A. Changes in Urban Life
1. Family Life and Sex Roles in Late Medieval Cities
2. Medieval Children
B. New Directions in Medicine
C. Inventions and New Patterns
1. The Clock
2. Eyeglasses and Paper
3. Gunpowder and Cannons
VI. Conclusion


The fourteenth century was a era of crisis. A “little ice” age led to famine, but a greater disaster followed:...
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