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MBA – Management Principles (BA 105), 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM A Reaction Paper on the Topic, “Managing Change and Innovation” The only constant thing in life is Change. It is inevitable. It is necessary. It can be shocking. It is a risk and can make or break a thing. Life without it is boring. It can be a friend and a great teacher because it teaches a lot of valuable things that are not learned in school. It can be a great strategy, an eye opener to reality, and can be a great move to self-analysis and maturity. It can be overwhelming. The preceding phrases may sound like clichés but these are real.

Change is a usual experience that happens to every one of us. It is inevitable. However, you can always opt to embrace it and to just go with it. It has many forms. It can be physical, in character, beliefs, favorites, likes, trends, weather, school subjects, work, even the year. Nothing in this world is constant except change.

The mere fact that there are a lot of changes going on in the world today greatly affects many businesses, big or small. In order to compete, organizations need to adapt to change. Because if they don’t, they will be left behind and likely end up to its loss. Change is accompanied with threats and opportunities. One of the threats that change may bring to the organizations is the formation of new competitors. Competitors may have a better strategy. They may have new equipments to use, new products or services to sustain the changing demands of people. Opportunity comes in also and that is for the organizations to do better. For example, if the organization’s strategy is no longer working or is not effective at all, there is no other option but to improve or completely change it and innovate. And if the organization wants to do better or even great, exceed their competitors, and be the leading organization in the industry, they need to continuously develop strategies, products and services. Innovative equipments use in...
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