Ch 5 Onliner

Topics: Ethics, Childhood, Psychology Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Onliner Ch. 5
1. What are 5 personality traits and 5 training areas that a good Early Childhood Professional should have? Personality Traits: responsible, patient, caring/ loving, trustworthy, energetic Training Areas: Certified in CPR, nutrition, Infant&Toddler Dev., understand S/E needs, Brain Development. 2. What is a Code of Ethics?

Code of Ethics is when people with different values and moralities follow the same set of standards and if they don’t follow them they can get fired. 3. What is the very first thing an Early Childhood professional MUT remember when working with children? (the first thing on the “Statement of Commitment I read with you) Based on the State of Commitment they should remember never to harm the child. 4. What should a teacher do if he sees another teacher acting unprofessionally according to the NAEYC code of ethics? Teachers should first let that person know of our concern in a way that shows respect for personal dignity and for the diversity to be found among staff members, and then attempt to resolve the matter collegially and in a confidential manner. 5. What should a teacher do if they suspect child abuse?

A teacher must be very careful when contemplating a child abuse report. Schools have administrative policies with regard to these situations, and a teacher must be careful to strictly follow those guidelines. And later based on that they should determine whether or not to call child protective services. 6. When is it permissible to tell another person about something “interesting” about a child? Only when it is necessary to tell someone about the child. If the person you are telling can help you with a problem or any issue regarding the child. 7. What is advocacy and how could an Early Childhood professional be an advocate for young children? Advocacy is taking a stand for something. An early Childhood professional can advocate for young children by sharing professional knowledge and practices....
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