Topics: Organic food, Food, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 4 (574 words) Published: March 9, 2015
Case 1
Yue Yue
1. What should Julie Carter know in order to design / start her sprouts business in 1970?
What technology is suitable for organic food.
What kind of food will be more polpular when it becomes more healthy. The right direction to develop food that can make it both healthier and taste better. The main consumers of products which cater to the needs of ages. The evolution of public cultural values towards what direction. Compared with the traditional agricultural,what absolute advantagedoes production of organic crop production have. Whether National policy is to support the development of related industries. How to open markets as well as the traditional sales channels and open up new markets. In addition to taste and health, consumers also pay attention to what factors. How to effectively carry out the production and marketing to maximize benefits. How to arrange a higher production efficiency production line. What is the use of propaganda techniques to open up the market.

2. How might she have obtained that knowledge in 1970?
His years of culinary experience gave her a certain understanding on ingredients. Obtain relevant information from the related books and newspapers. Occasional access to relevant knowledge from television programs and commercials. Listen to the experts and professors of professional seminars. Over the years personal experience and feedback thinking in the restaurants and grocery shopping. Fieldwork farms and factories

Through market research summary feedback related information.

3. What might be implications of the 1997 report for modifying the design of Down East Sprouts Company in early 1998? (This question requires considerable critical thinking about the research report findings). The evolution of public cultural values favorable to the development of organic food industry, suitable for expansion of production development. Demographic changes...
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