Case Study-Whole Foods

Topics: Organic food, Whole Foods Market, John Mackey Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: June 5, 2010
1.Whole Foods creates a narrow market niche by catering to the special needs and tastes of the consumer, thus, creating a differentiation-based advantage over competitors. By taking actions to acquire Wild Oats, Whole Foods has gained the competitive edge in the marketplace.

2.Recent developments and conditions in the natural and organic food industry can put a strain on the vision and strategy that John Mackey first set out to accomplish. However, part of a good business strategy is to be able to adjust and change with development or restrictions by government standards.

3.John Mackey does have a good strategic vision for Whole Foods. He has the ability to grow the business with such profitability and foresee what the consumer desires and act upon it. The motto of Whole Foods, “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet” really hits the heart of people. People want to eat better for their health and if they can some how help the planet at the same time then they feel even more empowered that they are doing something good. This motto and the principles underlying it really do matter at this company. Employees are not always looking for more money in a company. They are looking for the superiors to recognize that they are doing a good job through rewards and incentive programs. Whole Foods employees are made to feel as an integral part of the business. This allows the employee to be loyal to the company. When this enthusiasm is passed onto the consumer it makes for happier people, which in turn makes a profit for the company.

4. The core values of Whole Foods really do matter. The average consumer wants to know they are creating a healthier life style to help live longer and they are willing to pay extra for higher quality products. They also want to go into a store and receive knowledgeable, personal attention. It makes them feel as if the extra trip to Whole Foods and the higher prices is all worth it. The consumer becomes...
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