C1 Analyse How the Main Principles That Underpin Work with Children Can Support...

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(C1) You must analyse HOW the main principles that underpin work with children can support the practitioners’ practice in the setting.

The welfare of the child is part of The Children Act 1989, and it means we as practitioners have to be reflective on our practice, it also means within our practice we have to put the child first. And treating all children so their needs are put first this is important because all children are different. (E8) Working in partnership with parents and families helps us find out things about the child and understand the child for example the child’s interests, because of this we can plan better activities because the child will be more engaged if the activity revolves around something they are interested in. Talking to the parents may also help us have a better relationship with the child and this links with Bowlby’s theory, that the child will form an attachment to us and therefore will gain trust in us. The parents may then also trust us and in turn we will have a better professional relationship. It is important to do all of this because of the Working with Parents Policy. We also need to follow the Safeguarding Policy which helps keep children safe According to www.Ofsted.gov.uk (PDF) “Improved outcomes can only be achieved if children are safe from harm.” We must know how to keep children safe and by following this policy we can ensure children are safe from harm and then we know what is expected from us as practitioners. Children’s learning and development is part of the EYFS, we need to know how to plan activities that are at for the right age and stage of the child, we can find out what stage they are at by doing observations, then if we feel they can move on we then plan an activity for the next stage of their development. And when doing the activity we can praise the child to encourage them to carry on and make them gain self-confidence this is part of Skinners theory which is about Positive reinforcement. After...
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