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The Healthy Buzz

Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Situational Analysis

1. Executive Summary
1.1 The Business
The Healthy Buzz is an entrepreneurial business designed to locate nearby gyms, providing convenient, freshly-made, and deliciously healthy organic food supplies to people who are passionate about healthy lifestyle. People in the café not only can taste the deliciously real organic food, but also can enjoy health food shopping in which people can find organic food and products at competitive prices. 1.2 Situation Analysis

Obesity has become one of the most serious problems in Australia that millions of government dollar are going into combat it. An increase in health consciousness has led to a shift towards healthy lifestyle and eating. Despite there are other companies both large and small responding the changing demand, The Healthy Buzz feels it has the expertise to create and market superior healthy products appealing to its target market. 1.3 Marketing Plan

The Healthy Buzz marketing objectives are to increase awareness and customer loyalty, and gross sales (30%) through a serious of marketing strategies which include: Target market strategic: for the serious health-conscious consumers Positioning Strategy: Differentiation Strategy

Product Strategy: an innovative healthy organic food and beverages Pricing Strategy: target costing pricing strategy to meet customer satisfaction Promotion Strategy: magazine and social media advertising; strategic alliance

1.4 Operations
The business will operate with one managing director and six employees at start-up and be based from the CBD in Brisbane city. A minimal outlay of equipment and expenses and production process are envisaged at this stage 1.5 Financial Plan

The business will be 80% self-funding and 20% loaned. The director and two shareholders will provide an initial capital injection of AU$100,000, and it is proposed that the loan will be paid back over three-year period from cash flow. 2. The Business

2.1 The Business
The Healthy Buzz is a unique health food café and retail store designed to be located nearby gyms, providing convenient, freshly-made, and deliciously healthy organic food supplies to consumers who are passionate about healthy lifestyle. The Healthy Buzz expects to take advantage of an increasing desire for healthy foods both in Australia and internationally—and to ride the wave of consumer interest in clean dining alternatives. While there are other companies both large and small competing in the industry, the Healthy Buzz feels it has the expertise to create and market superior products that will appeal to its target market.

2.2 Products/services
The original idea of the Healthy Buzz is to combine a café and a retail store which is located nearby gyms, providing health-concisions people with 100% organic, clean, and nutrition-balanced foods and products which are free of preservatives, artificial flavours and colors. All menus and recipes are proven by a nutritionist to ensure they are nutritionally balanced. Customers not only can select the delicious, balanced and healthy meals from our menu, but also can pick up their favorite ingredients and foods from our health retail store, and create their own meals. The unique features of the foods and products in the café along with the convenient health food shopping experience make The Healthy Buzz superior to its competitors.

2.3 Vision and Mission
The strategic direction and actions of The Healthy Buzz are driven by its mission: The Healthy Buzz seeks to meet the needs of discriminating, health-conscious consumers for high-quality, superior-tasting organic foods and products, all served by our passionately professional team who are dedicated in providing the best service in Brisbane. In time, the vision is to integrate the love of functional healthy lifestyles within our café, and to become one of the world’s most famous and loved café in...
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