BTEC Business Marketing P2 Describe the limitations and constraints of marketing

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Constraint Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: November 6, 2013
Fact 1
Budgetary constraints – A marketing department, like all departments, will receive a budget which they have to work with. In some businesses, especially smaller ones, a small budget may be given, meaning that the marketing department will have to spend their money carefully and it could limit what they can purchase. Fact 2 Data Protection Act (1998) – The data protection act protects the rights of those individuals on whom data is held. It impacts any business that holds personal information on their customers. It means that if a business breaks the rules and regulations mentioned in this act they will have to face legal punishments. The act limits how businesses uses their customers information Fact 3 Regulatory bodies – These are self-governing agency responsible for exercising independent authority over some area of business activity, such as ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) which promotes and maintains the British code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing. It sets rules and standards for businesses to follow keep within legal framework, protect customers from misleading claims, create an even footing for advertisers etc. Consumers can complain or appeal to regulatory bodies such as ASA if they feel a business has not compiled with the regulations. Regulatory bodies constrain marketing in businesses because it means they have to keep within the standards and rules set and failure to do so can result in bad publicity, problems with the OFT and their advertisements being removed from television, radio etc. Fact 4Pressure Groups – A pressure group is an organised group working to influence the behaviours and beliefs of government and/or business. They try to pressure businesses into operating in a certain way and prevent them from doing things they think is wrong or immoral. There are thousands of pressure groups, some focus on environment problems, animals right and so on. They can be considered a constraint to marketing because...
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