Breeder's Pet Food Case Study

Topics: Organic food, Marketing, Brand Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Breeder’s Own Pet Foods Case Analysis
Arnell M. Carmichael
Bellevue University

MBA 652: Marketing Strategy
Professor Dr. Doug Brown

Case Recap
There are three main categories of dog food: dry, canned and treats. In 2011 the sales of dog food totaled somewhere in the arena of 14 billion dollars. Endeavoring to bring new dog food to an already established market can be a “daunting” task, especially when that particular dog food is frozen. Breeder’s Own Pet Foods as a whole has realized how diverse the dog food market is; however, brokers within this conglomerate believe that the true organic potential of this marketplace has yet to be “tapped” into effectively. With an ever-changing push toward becoming green (environmentally conscientious) and eating more organic foods than we have in the past; we must not exclude our furry friends when selecting health-conscientious nourishment for our household (s). While attempting to break into an all ready dominate commerce, Breeder’s Own Pet foods will have to unequivocally convince their target audience that its product is more organic and better for your pet (s) than the dog foods that have dictated this commerce for years. The mix marketing-strategy that Breeder’s Own Pet Foods must use should be cleaver enough to augment the appeal of frozen dog food to new pet owners and lure faithful patrons away from the three traditional deliveries; nevertheless, priced efficiently enough to target any tier of our social class structure (Kerin & Peterson, 2013). Problem Identification

There are some obvious problems when determining how to market Breeder’s Own Pet Foods. (1) its food is more organic than others (purportedly) which would seem to be a more expensive product due to the freshness and lack of chemicals for storage purposes, and (2) it will also be very difficult to break into an already established dog food market, especially because their dog food needs to be stored in the frozen...
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