Brain Power

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in power“BRAIN POWER”
1.) The six firefighter was able to survive because of the brain's activity it made the time run slower to cope up with the situation. As the lead of the team heard of the warning his brain took control. Two parts of the brain were responsible, diencephalon: thalamus and hypothalamus, they manage the fight or flight response hardwired. This drives a person to do an action without even thinking. The control center collects information from the situation outside. Usually, the data goes directly to the brain starts center here they study reflection though in emergencies the controller acts differently, sending signals nearby areas that make up the disaster center. The firefighter raids command to them to flee without a thought. Disaster center engages automatic orders release of the natural turbocharged stimulant-adrenaline (epinephrine), as their hearts beat faster blood is redirected from non essential tasks like digestion and also flooded their muscles filled of oxygen. When the firefighters almost to collapse their brains work an amazing trick, the brain slows down that might help them to stay. Human brain captures things like a series of snap shots about thirty frames a second, but in an emergency that rate increases for the brain to take in more information that results to slow time just like the experience of the firefighters' brains observing at maximum speed, but seconds became like hours that gave them time to assess their critical situation. 2.) The so-called "want" center of the human brain that is a walnut sized lump of tissue is the thalamus, and one of its important functions is feeding. Brain consumes nearly fifth of the energy we take in, and want center is responsible for the needs of the whole body such as nutrients (vitamins and other minerals). The foods that are repulsive to eat are spine, eye, liver, liver oil, gut or stomach. Their nutrients are calcium and phosphorous, fresh water, vitamin A and B, vitamin D and omega...
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