Brain Development Paper

Topics: Neuron, Emotion, Brain Pages: 3 (713 words) Published: March 13, 2015
Justine Booqua
ECME 1104
C. DeRochie
January 26, 2015
Brain Development Paper
The article that I read is, “Nature, Nurture, and Early Brain Development” by Sara Gable. It is about how relationships, experiences, interactions and surroundings play a huge role in child and infants brain development. The author also gives an overview of how the brain develops. The focus of this article was to inform caregivers of the importance of having a nurturing and caring environment for infants and children. From the day we are born, our biology is intended to mature and learn since our social and physical surroundings offer stimulation. At birth the brain is still getting ready for full function. For the first three years after birth the brain’s job is to make connections with neurons. These networks can be made when impulses are sent and received by neurons. The axon delivers messages and the dendrite collects them. These links form what is called a synapses. During the first three years of birth the number of neurons stay the same while the number of synapses grow. From birth to the age of three the brain creates more synapses than it needs. After the age of 3 the number of synapses being produced reduces until about age 10. The synapses that are often used become a permanent part of the brain. The synapses that are rarely used are removed. For synapses to become permanent caregivers must provide children with more positive and social learning experiences. Caring for toddlers and infants is mainly about building relationships and making the best out of daily routines and new experiences. Infants and toddlers learn about themselves and the environment around them by interactions with others. The brain connections that lead to future success come from affectionate, loving and supportive care. This type of caregiving leads to a child’s curiosity, creativity, and most importantly their self-confidence. To develop and keep important synapses in the brain children need a...
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