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Topics: Brain, Human brain, Psychology Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: March 19, 2015
Michael Mattern
PSY 111-06
Michaeleen McNamara
February 25, 2015

I am writing about an article I read online about how “Physical Exercise Beefs Up the Brain” ( I chose this article because everything that I researched pointed to exercise being the number way to improve your brain functions. Being that I enjoy exercising, it immediately caught my eye. I thought it would be interesting to find out if running on a treadmill daily can help me possibly improve on my school work. Research in people and animals shows that engaging in regular aerobic activity leads to changes in the brain associated with improved cognition.

According to the article, in the late 1990’s, a group of scientists compared the brains of mice given unlimited amount of access to an exercise wheel (runners) to those of mice without exercise wheels in their cages (non-runners). The researchers discovered compared to the non-runners, physically fit mice had double the number of new nerve cells in a region of the hippocampus. ( Another study showed that when the mice were taught to navigate a water maze, the runners learned the task faster than the non-runners and took a more direct route to the end of the maze. The neuroscientist who led both studies at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies Fred Gage (, said that the scientists in the study were “very surprised to find that the physical activity of a mouse affects the number of new brain cells and impacts the ability to remember things.”

Judy Cameron (, a The group discovered that the running monkeys, regardless of age, learned things neuroscientist at the University of Pittsburgh, tested whether moderate exercise changes the brain. He trained a group of middle-aged and older monkeys to...
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