Brain Based Learning

Topics: Brain, Human brain, Neuron Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: November 2, 2010
As educators, our main goal is to ensure that each student is learning to their full potential. Brain based learning does that. Brain based learning focuses on strategies based on principles derived from an understanding of the brain (Jensen, 2008). The human brain is the most complex organ we have. We have been studying it extensively for years and still are not sure about everything the brain does. What we do know is that, in regards to learning, the brain is poorly designed for formal instruction (Jensen, 2008). Incorporating brain-based learning strategies into the curriculum will ultimately play to the learning strengths of the students. These are some principles based on brain based learning : Providing rich stimulating environments, group learning, linking indoor and outdoor places, creating a motivating atmosphere, and providing overall variety to the students (Lackney, 2002), all of which are extremely doable, it would just take a little effort and dedication.

Brain research shows that the brain actually learns best when it is confronted with a balance between stress and comfort: high challenge and low threat (Lackney, 2002). The brain needs just the right amount of “push” for it to learn to its full potential. As mentioned, the brain is not designed for formal instruction; it is designed solely for survival (Jensen, 2008). Providing just enough stress to make the brain think in order to survive it needs to retain the information actually works. Stress motivates a survival

feel moderately challenged and believe we can rise to the occasion (Jensen, 2008). However, bad stress, distress, occurs when we feel threatened by some physical or emotional danger, intimidation, loss of prestige, fear of rejection, or failure, unrealistic time constraints, or a perceived lack of choice (Jensen, 2008).

Learners who are notorious for underperforming may simply be overstressed (Jensen, 2008). Learners who experience high levels of stress may have impaired...
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