Brain and Behavior

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It was my brains fault

November 24, 2013


In this paper I will share information on how our brain can control our behavior and affect everything we do. I will discuss how and why our brain has such a large impact on our physical and mental actions regardless of our age or what we intentionally do. I will help you better understand why at 3 lbs., the human brain is so remarkable.

This paper is intended to brief my audience on the structure of the brain and the affect it has on our daily life. I will provide details on the unique structure of our brain. I will explain why we do things out of impulse. I will go into detail about why our brain affects our behavior. I will then conclude why it is fair to say that it was the brains fault.

The Brain
When we think of humans, we think of a highly intelligent species. Large brains, the ability to use language and communicate. We go out and work to feed ourselves and families. Pretty remarkable right? Wrong. Aside from our strong ability to use our intelligence, humans are a weak link. A human’s brain can be compared to that of a tiny animal. What makes us stand out is our cerebral cortex. Each brain consist of two hemispheres and four lobes. Our right hemisphere controls our left side of our body while our left hemisphere controls the right side of our body. Neat? Sure. However, it gets better. The Hemispheres

Our cerebral hemispheres are held together by our corpus callosum. This makes up our cortex. Our left side of our brain is more complex than the right side. Most of us use our left hemisphere for language and heavy thought up actions. Our right hemisphere is more simple. If a person were to only use their right side of their brain, they would be very limited on what they can say and much more childlike. Our hemispheres are very important for us. If one of our hemispheres were to suffer any trauma, it is possible for someone to experience spatial...

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