Topics: Bohemianism, Victorian era, Eastern Europe Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: December 1, 2013

- is reminiscent of the Victorian era but includes modern pieces, like sofas and chairs, for a more relaxed environment. Accessories and wall pictures are normally characteristic of the eighteenth century.

- evokes images of artists, gypsies, travelers, and hippies. Based on the Eastern European traveler gypsy aesthetic, Bohemian styles allows for a broad array of choices for colors, accessories and decorating accents. Decorating a bedroom, living room, house or apartment in Bohemian style allows for your own personal style and aesthetic to show through. Bohemian decor styles are appropriate for decorating on a budget, as you can easily integrate secondhand items and found treasures into your decorating.

The word Bohemian has been around for a very long time. Originally, it was used to described non-traditional lifestyles of people who appeared to wanderers or vagabonds back in the mid-1800’s. It was also associated with those who were considered as “anti-establishment” or non-conforming to the current day social or political view points. Later, the term became to be synonymous with the word “gypsy” – as it was applied to those who left Bohemia in Central Europe to escape the rigid rules imposed upon them for a life of travel and unconventional living.

When applying a Bohemian Interior Design, you are engaging in a design that is meant to break the rules and adhere to your own way of decorating – which makes this design style a very easy one to accomplish. However, as with any design, mistakes can be made that will counteract your plans.
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