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Topics: Automobile, Supply chain, Supply chain management Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: October 29, 2011
In today’s global market the ability for a company to change how it operates is an absolute must in this competitive world. The reason that many of these companies need to adapt is so that they can run more efficiently. The more efficient a company operates, the more money it can save. One method of changing a company’s operation is by leaning out the processes. What this means is to only use processes that a company needs just to operate. These processes can be how the company operates its manufacturing or even its supply chain. It is within the supply chain that many companies see room for modification. Therefore, the supply chain will be the focus of this paper. This week we will look at a case study examining BMW, and how it has changed itssupply chain. Once we have examined the case study, we will summarize and explain an appropriate measurement for BMW’s supply chain performance. Next we will describe the impact of global expansion on BMW’s capacity measurement and the role that e-business plays in this expansion. Finally we will explain the role of e-business in the global supply chain, and describe the strategic importance of global capacity management as it relates to BMW. By the end of this paper, readers will have a better understanding of how modifying a company’s supply chain can help it run more efficiently. Before we can begin, we first need to have a better understanding of what the case study discusses. For years whenever BMW produced a car they assigned a VIN to it at the beginning of production, but now BMW plans to assign a VIN to the vehicle after production. This will allow the company and customers to have more flexibility to modify the vehicle as needed. Along with changing the way that it produces vehicles, BMW plans to change the way its supply chain operates by only keeping a minimum supply of inventory on hand. How BMW plans to change the supply chain is by having the supplier forecast the production rate of BMW. BMW will place orders...
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