Blue Brain

Topics: Nervous system, Brain, Neuron Pages: 5 (1348 words) Published: February 23, 2013

1. Introduction

The name of the world’s first virtual brain. That means a machine that can function as human brain. Computer simulations in neuroscience hold the promise of dramatically enhancing the scientific method by providing a means to test hypotheses using predictive models of complex biological processes where experiments are not feasible. Of course, simulations are only as good as the quality of the data and the accuracy of the mathematical abstraction of the biological processes. The first phase of the Blue Brain Project therefore started after 15 years of systematically dissecting the microanatomical, genetic and electrical properties of the elementary unit of the neocortex – a single neocortical column, which is a little larger than the head of a pin. Today scientists are in research to create an artificial brain that can think, response, take decision, and keep anything in memory. The main aim is to upload human brain into machine. So that man can think, take decision without any effort. After the death of the body, the virtual brain will act as the man .So, even after the death of a person we will not loose the knowledge, intelligence, personalities, feelings and memories of that man that can be used for the development of the human society.

2. What is blue brain?

The IBM is now developing a virtual brain known as the Blue brain. It would be the world’s first virtual brain. With in 30 years, we will be able to scan ourselves into the computers. Is this the beginning of eternal life?

3. What is Virtual Brain?

We can say Virtual brain is an artificial brain, which is not actually the natural brain, but can act as the brain .It can think like brain, take decisions based on the past experience, and response as the natural brain can. It is possible by using a super computer, with a huge amount of storage capacity, processing power and an interface between the human brain and this artificial one .Through this interface the data stored in the natural brain can be up loaded into the computer .So the brain and the knowledge, intelligence of anyone can be kept and used for ever, even after the death of the person.

4. Why we need virtual brain?

Today we are developed because of our intelligence. Intelligence is the inborn quality that cannot be created .Some people have this quality ,so that they can think up to such an extent where other cannot reach .Human society is always need of such intelligence and such an intelligent brain to have with. But the intelligence is lost along with the body after the death. The virtual brain is a solution to it. The brain and intelligence will be alive even after the death. We often face difficulties in remembering things such as people’s names, their birthdays, and the spellings of words, proper grammar, important dates, history facts, and etcetera. In the busy life every one want to be relaxed .Can’t we use any machine to assist for all these? Virtual brain may be the solution to it. What if we upload ourselves into computer, we were simply aware of a computer, or maybe, what if we lived in a computer as a program.

5. Working of Virtual Brain

First, it is helpful to describe the basic manners in which a person may be uploaded into a computer. Raymond Kurzweil recently provided an interesting paper on this topic. In it, he describes both invasive and noninvasive techniques. The most promising is the use of very small robots, or nanobots. These robots will be small enough to travel throughout our circulatory systems. Traveling into the spine and brain, they will be able to monitor the activity and structure of our central nervous system. They will be able to provide an interface with computers that is as close as our mind can be while we still reside in our biological form. Nanobots could also carefully scan the structure of our brain, providing a complete readout of the connections between each neuron. They would also...
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