Black Plaque Contrast

Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Germany Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Responses to the Black Plaque
Gabriele d’Mussis initially explains the causes of the plaque to be “as though arrows were raining down from heaven to strike down and crush the Tartars’ arrogance”. Gabrielle’s understanding of the causes of the plaque changes as he traces its movements from East to West. He explained how when they would throw the decease along the sea it would eventually poison the water supply. When one person becomes ill, it was only a matter of time the next person. Everyone who had come to the East was bound to become sick with this plaque and unfortunately die, just like everyone else who had been. The reader sees how his understandings of how this all came about changed as some would escape by boat to the West. He says how some people would go to Genoa and others to Venice and some other primarily Christian areas. It was almost like there was a demon inside those who had escaped. The plaque started to spread even more. Previously Gabrielle d’Mussis described this as a strike down from heaven that has now turned into devil inside. This plaque was unstoppable. It got to a point where families would start making arrangements of their burials before they even were affected. Cemeteries were too

full along with other places where one can have a burial was getting scarce. There just wasn’t enough room anymore! In the end, it became common that whole families and neighbors had to be buried all together in one place.

A letter from the Town Council of Cologne wished to stop the violence against the Jews. During the plague it seems as though there were many rumors flying around that the Jews are the blame! Many claimed the Jews have poisoned the springs and the wells. As numerous people passed and the rumors spread about the Jews, the Town Council of Cologne sent many letters to all the cities and towns as well as investigated on the rumors towards the Jews. The Council stated as long as the Jews remain innocent they should not be disturbed or...
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