Black Plague

Topics: Judaism, Black Death, Islam Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: September 20, 2014
What were the different responses between Christian and Muslims towards the Black plague?
Well the black plague was a highly contagious disease. It spread through the 13th century killing 80116000 people. During that time period there was many religious powers. The Christianities and Muslims responses towards the black plague were different on their beliefs on whether it was Gods punishment or blessing, on how Christians jumped to conclusions and Muslims believed in rumors, and lastly their reactions to the deaths.

Throughout the entire ordeal, it wasn’t easy for Christians to keep their fate towards God. Whenever they were faced with struggles, they often turned to religion as medicine but when that didn’t work they didn’t know what to do. The people they loved were dying left and right. They thought that God was punishing them for their sins. In document E, it stated that “Lord is enraged; embrace acts of penance, so that you do not stray from the right path and perish.” They thought that the black plague was a way for God to get back at them. Muslims on the other hand, were more lenient. They thought of the plague as a blessing from God, because Muslims were subservient to God hence the name of the religion “Islam” which means “Submission to the will of God”. In document E, it stated “Prayer for lifting the epidemic is abhorrent because plague is a blessing from God; at the least, a Muslim should devoutly accept the divine act.” While Christians laid siege upon their villages and didn’t care about the consequences of their actions, Muslims stayed in the Mosques praying day and night begging, hoping that God will take mercy on them.

The responses between the Christian and Muslim were also different because the Christians jumped to conclusions. The Christians believed that the cause of the black plague was because of the Jewish people. In document N, it stated “The Jews were guilty of this crime as all around was said by poisoning wells at the same...
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