Black Plague

Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Islam Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: November 11, 2013
The Black Death itself caused more than 30 percent of the population in Europe and the Middle East to die (Doc. 2). It was described as the end of the world when people died by the hundreds each day (Doc. 3). The plague presented itself to Europe in 1348 and to Muslim lands during 1348 and 1349 (Doc.1). This contagious epidemic caused its victims to die within three days (Doc. 3). The symptoms of the disease included swelling beneath armpits and the spitting of blood. Yet, the responses of Christians and Muslims were different even though the same disease hit them. By looking at what the Christians and Muslims thought the causes of the Black Death were, the differences of the Christian and Muslim response to the plague, and the similarities of how the two religions reacted, this paper will show how Muslims and Christians responded in a different way because of their thoughts and actions to the epidemic that ended the lives of many. Muslims and Christians thought differently in some ways, but similar in others as to who or what cause the Black Death. First, the Muslims and Christians both thought God caused the plague (Doc. 4). However, Muslims acted as if it was a blessing from God and that prayer was negative. Christians thought that it was the punishment of their sins. This shows that the Muslims and Christians were similar in that they both thought God caused it, but Muslims thought it was a blessing, while Christians thought it was a punishment. Second, the Christians did not only blame God, they also accused the Jews of poisoning their wells. The Christians brutally burned them all to death (Doc. 7). The Muslims did not blame the Jews, but instead kept their accusations that God brought the plague onto them. This shows that the responses are different because the Muslims only blamed God, while the Christians blamed the Jews as well as God. In addition, the Christians thought and prevented the plague mostly different than how the Muslims thought what caused...
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