Black Plague

Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Medieval demography Pages: 4 (1193 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Important Facts about the Black Death
* Interesting information and important facts and history of the disease: * Key Dates relating to the event: This terrible plague started in Europe in 1328 and lasted until 1351 although there were outbreaks for the next sixty years * Why was the disease called the Black Death? The disease was called the Black Death because one of the symptoms produced a blackening of the skin around the swellings. or buboes. The buboes were red at first, but later turned a dark purple, or black. When a victim's blood was let the blood that exuded was black, thick and vile smelling with a greenish scum mixed in it. * How the disease was spread: The Black Death was spread by fleas that were carried by rats or other small rodents * The spread of the Black Death followed all of the Trade Routes to every country * The Black Death of the Middle Ages was believed to have originated in the Gobi Desert * Key People relating to the event: Nearly one third of the population of died - about 200 million people in Europe * The 1328 outbreak in China caused the population to drop from 125 million to 90 million in just fifty years * 7500 victims of the disease were dying every day

* The Black Death in England raged from 1348-1350
* Why the Black Death was important to the history of England: The population drop resulted in a higher value being placed on labour - the Peasants Revolt followed in 1381. Farming changed and the wool industry boomed. People became disillusioned with the church and its power and influence went into decline. This ultimately resulted in the English reformation Black Death Symptoms

1. The symptoms of the Black Death were terrible and swift:
* Painful swellings (buboes) of the lymph nodes
* These swellings, or buboes, would appear in the armpits, legs, neck, or groin * A bubo was at first a red color. The bubo then turned a dark purple color, or black 2. Other symptoms of the Black...
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