Black Plague

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DBQ-Black Plague
During mid-fourteen century, a terrible plague hit Europe and wiped out a third of the population, 25,000,000 people of Western Europe. This plague was named the Black Plague since when people got the disease they got bumps that oozed black liquid and different body parts would turn black. The plague was spread by infected fleas on rats that bit humans. Since the Europeans lacked medical knowledge, the Plague caused hysteria and hopelessness to spread across Europe. Therefore the Europeans turned to the one stable unit in their lives, the Church.

The Europeans lack of medical knowledge really hurt them. They had all types of perceived causes and treatments that they thought would work. People just kept dying and they couldn’t find a cure for something that they didn’t know the cause. According to Heinrich Truchess von Diessenhoven, Jewish people were one perceived cause that the Europeans believed. They spread a rumor that the Jews poisoned the wells and rivers for people had “confessed” to the crime. The Report of the Paris Medical Faculty states another perceived cause to be the configurations of the heavens and the major conjunction of three plants in Aquarius to be blamed. Another excerpt states that an earthquake that occurred on St. Paul’s day in 1347 corrupted and infected the air above the earth and killed people in various parts of the world. In the excerpt from an anonymous poem, the vices rule is indicted as a cause. The Europeans tried many treatments in which most of them failed. However, Lisavetta Centenni wrote that her husband, Ottavio, had a fatal fever. She believed he would die but Sister Angelica sent her a little piece of bread that had touched the body of St. Domencia. Her husband was a lucky one and his fever broke. Other methods didn’t work so well and patients died anyway. For example, H. de Rochas, a French physician states that patients would hang toads around their neck either dead or alive, in which they believed...
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