Black Death and Middle English Word

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The Pardoners Tale
Jazmyn Gates
Dmarji Jackson-Williams
Keeshon Gordon
Marciave Jackson
Group 5


1. Why does Chaucer dwell more on the pardoner’s love of money than on any other aspect of his character? He was not supposed to have worldly procession he is supposed to be a man of God but does not live the life style 2. Imagine that the pardoner where alive today. What might he do for a living, and how would that profession reflect his character? Anointing oil, Bibles, Tapes cd’s of Preaching he might sell these things. He’s money hungry that is his goal.

Avarice 1.From the old French word meaning “to crave”
Abominable 2. From the Latin word meaning “inhuman”
Sauntered 3. From the Latin word meaning “to loosen”
Carouses 4. From the middle French word meaning “to drink completely” Covetous 5. From the Latin word meaning “to desire”
Blasphemy 6. From the Greek word meaning “to speak evil of” Pallor 7. From the Latin word meaning “to be pale”
Absolution 8. From the Middle English word meaning “to muse or meditate” Superfluity 9. From the Latin word meaning “to overflow” Transcend 10. From the Latin word meaning “to climb across” Re-write 5 sentences above in your own words

Avarice 1.From the old French word meaning “to desire”
Abominable 2. From the Latin word meaning “godly”
Sauntered 3. From the Latin word meaning “to walk gaily” Carouses 4. From the middle French word meaning “drunken” Covetous 5. From the Latin word meaning “to want”

After Reading Questions
1. What events prompt the three rioters to seek Death?
Set out to find Death after becoming drunk at a bar. Their intoxication makes them believe that they can find and kill death itself. 2. What way is the rioter's discovery at the old tree unexpected? They find gold coins and excited about their newly discovered treasure, subsequently forget about Death 3. Describe the events that directly lead to their deaths.

The three men draw straws to see who among them should fetch wine and food while the other two wait under the tree. The youngest of the three men drew the shortest straw. The two men who stay behind secretly plot to kill the other one when he returns, while the one who leaves for the town poisons some of the wine with rat poison. When he returns with the food and drink, the other two kill him and drink the poisoned wine — also dying (and finding Death) 4. Where you able to correctly anticipate everything?

No, I was surprised by how some events developed.
5. What theme about corruption do you think Chaucer conveys through the selection? Greed is the root of evil. The three young men, who first show their lack of restraint or self-discipline by being drunk early in the morning and then make the mistake of going in search of Death (rather like looking for trouble), quickly lose their loyalty to one another when they find gold (in the place where a mysterious old man told them they would find Death) and are then separated. Two plots to kill one, the one contrive to kill the two, and all three find what they initially went looking for. 6. A foil is a character that provides a striking contrast to other characters. In what way does the old man serve as a foil to the three rioters? He is a foil to the rioters in that he represents the wisdom of old age. Unlike the rioters, the old man is calm, sober, and respectful; he understands that human beings have no control over death.

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Example(s) from “The Pardoner’s Tale

1. Verbal irony occurs when someone states one thing and means another.

The Pardoner makes a speech at the end of the selection, when he tries to sell forgiveness; by his earlier admission, he doesn’t believe in the church’s teachings about sin, forgiveness, and damnation.

2. Situational irony is a contrast between what is expected to happen and what actually...
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