black death

Topics: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis Pages: 4 (788 words) Published: December 10, 2014
“The Black Death is the name given to a deadly pandemic that spread from China to Mongolia, northern India, and the Middle East during the 1330s and 1340s.” (Cole 351) The Black Pelage is significantly remembered for its vast and speedy range of extending from Scandinavia to the black sea and just about everywhere in-between. In most locations One-third to one-half of the population was wiped out. Since modern medicine was not available during this era there was great ignorance to what actually caused this pelage or how to treat it.

“What caused the Black Death? In 2011, scientists were able to confirm that it can be traced to the deadly microbe Yersiniapestis, and that it did indeed originate in China. Y.pestis actually causes three different kinds of contagion: bubonic plague and its even deadlier cousins, septicemic plague and pneumonic plague.”(Cole 353) The black Pelage was prevalent for 300 years between 1661 and 1669, which actually spread through fleabites. Since cities were compacted and filled with rats these infected fleas were able to travel rapidly. Rats traveled with many imported items, so wherever these flea-infested rats went so did the infection. They managed to go over sea in ships, which killed most of the people aboard before even arriving to their destination, and once they did arrive it spread to that new city. It was a viscous cycle since resources were scares many more items had to be imported.

The Black Pelage changed the world’s economy during the 1330s and 1340s, which had a huge effect on life during and after. There were no longer farmers at the countryside producing crops therefor goods had to be imported. It highlighted the idea of scarcity, which what modern economics is based on. The fatal pyramid no longer excised because most of the people died. “The price of labor skyrocketed in the face of worker shortage, and the cost of goods rose.”(Barris, "Black Death casts a genetic shadow over England.") Since there...
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