Black death

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Black Death

Black death is a bacterium. It also known well as ‘The Bubonic Plague’ is one of the most dangerous viruses in the world. It is one of three relatives to the bacterium, Yersinia Pestis. Yersinia Pestis is an anaerobic (can survive without air), coccobacillus (sphere shaped bacterium) bacterium. The other two relatives are pneumonic (lung infection) and Septicaemic (similar to bubonic plague). One thing all three of these bacterium’s have in common is that they are all gram-negative.

Bacteria is split up into two groups, positive and negative, it is based on the build up of the cell wall. Gram-negative bacteria have a cell wall that is between the outer membrane and the inner cytoplasmic membrane. The cell wall contains PBP (penicillin binding proteins). This helps grow a new cell wall keeping it healthy. Anti-biotic like Beta-Lactam stops this process by joining with the PBP that weaken the cell wall then kills the cell. The bacterium’s have changed over the past though and are becoming more resistant. Some have changed their outer membrane, this blocks out anti-biotic.

In the 14th century the bubonic plague was spread through Europe. It had killed 30-60 % of the population that is around 25 million people.

The Black Death disease is spread around with insects and rodents. It starts with a rat. Rats carry many diseases some with this specific bacterium. Flea’s live on rats and rodents and do not get affected by this so they can spread the disease from one mammal to another. The bacteria multiply in the flea’s gut. Once the mammal it is living on dies it searches for another host. If it went onto a human it regurgitates the bacteria into an open wound, the bacteria gets into the system leaving the human infected. DIAGRAM

The bacteria build up in your body it gains access to the blood vessels in the lungs. Once bacteria reaches’ the Lymph Node it multiplies. Lymph Node is an organ that is apart of the system transferring that leads...
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