black death

Topics: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: December 29, 2013
Plagiarism will be punished, no copying, this is my paper, these are my words not yours, if information seems helpful translate it into your own words The Black Death
In the year 1348 there was an immense amount of deaths that occurred in Europe, and the reason for this was discovered later on in history. All of these deaths occurred while it was spring in Italy. The cause for the deaths was the Black Death. This was an infection that was primarily found on fleas and these fleas were located inside the fur of rats. Because at the time rats were not looked upon in disgust the citizens of Italy were allowing these rodents to infect everyone without the people knowing. When the plague was examined those who examined it discovered that there are three versions of this plague. The three forms that were discovered are the bubonic plague, the pneumonic plague, and the Septicemic plague. There were rarely survivors of the bubonic plague, and if they did survive it would be a very painful experience to go through. The amount of people to survive the pneumonic was extremely scarce. Then the septicemic plague had no survivors or at least none that are know of.

Firstly, the Black Death spread throughout Europe, but while it was the plague rose out of the east. The amount of Europe’s population to have been infected exposed, or to die from the plague was 25% to 50% of the citizens. The bubonic plague was the most common form of the plague. There were several affects that would be caused, such as swelling that appears on the victim’s neck, armpit, or groin. The swelling was specified as tumors, and they could be the size of an egg to the size of an apple. The victim would have a life expectancy of a week and could have been a rather painful week. Also, during the victim is infected black and purple spots would appear primarily on the arms or thighs. The spots would be in various sizes. These spots were an indication of death. There was no hope for the...
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