Black Death

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European History

The Black Death according to many historians does not narrow down to one cause. There have been several interpretations of what has caused the plague. But there have not been different opinions on the effects of the Black Death. The plague has caused a decrease in population; drop in food prices, religious conflicts, and land lost. Historians can conclude with the aftermath of the plague that it was a significant event in which many people were affected. Besides the fact that the Black Death devastated Europe in the medieval times, it also had a powerful impact on population, culture, religion, and economy. The population decreased due to the thousands of deaths caused by The Black Death. The population “did not recover from the plague, did not resume the skyrocketing demographic curve of the late 13th century” (Cantor 88). It seemed to be estimated that almost 35 million Europeans died from the plague. Late marriages were also a factor that caused the populations not to bounce back from adversity due to the long periods of bachelorhood. Therefore, childbirth was at a smaller percent and if a woman were to be pregnant she would die due to old age. Also, some of the people who were affected by the plague thought it was God punishing them for their sins and how they deserved it. Culture was another aspect of the plague. Many cultures had changed and land was lost. The plague had affected people’s land because of the spread of the disease was already onto the animals. Farmers could not cultivate their farmland or animals because they were dying and then the plague had spread to the landowners. Religion, people viewed the plague as an evil deep inside themselves. They viewed it as God punishing them for their sins so they must ask for forgiveness, donate to the church, and live better lives. Those who were punished by God “turned to better things in their minds. They abstained from all vice during that time and they lived virtuously; many...

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