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Nervous and Endocrine System Work Sheet

View the following case studies on the Anatomy and Physiology place website: Chapter 7 –Nervous System;
Chapter 8- Special Senses
Chapter 9 – Endocrine
Try to answer the questions in the case study and be sure to check the correct answers!  However you will not need to submit your answers to these questions, only the questions on the worksheet ( see below). Submit your answers as a word document to the Week 4 dropbox

1. Define a reflex and list the components of a reflex arc. Receptor, Sensory neuron, Integration, Motor neuron, and Effector. Somatic reflexes activate skeletal muscle and autonomic reflexes activate smooth or cardiac muscle

2. Describe the events of an action potential.
During the action potential part of the neural membrane opens to let + charged ions in the cell and let – charged ions out. This causes a rapid increase in positive nerve fiber.

3. What is presbyopia?
An age related disease that makes it hard to focus or see things that are close to you.

4. Distinguish between myopia and hyperopia.
Nearby objects are clear but far objects are blurry and the eyeball has grown too long or the cornea is too steep in Myopia. And Hyperopia is and eye imperfection that is usually caused by the lens not being round enough or the eyeball is too short, with this close objects are blurred.

5. Describe the feedback loop responsible for regulating blood glucose levels. What illness results if this system no longer functions properly? Blood glucose levels are regulated by negative feedback loop in order to keep it in homeostasis and the levels are monitored by the pancreases islets of langerhans. Diabetes occurs if this doesnt properly work.
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