Topics: Psychology, Human brain, Brain Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Amber Hill

Understanding Human Behaviour.

Biopsycology can help psychologists have a different way of understanding the human brain & therefore human behaviour a lot better. It can help with the diagnosis of illnesses and the different effects of brain damage in a person's behaviour and how the brain tells us react to different situations. Biopsycology can help explain why people behave the way they do being as a chemical imbalance in a human can cause ADHD, dyslexia or other behavioural disorders that all effect our behaviour but can affect our behaviour in a number of different ways such as our emotional behaviour. Brain damage can also play a big part in the way we react to certain situations, if a person has a damaged frontal lobe this can also make someone have serious emotional differences. Anger is one of the more popular forms that a chemical imbalance or brain damage can have on a person with brain damage or a chemical imbalance. Damage to the frontal lobe in the brain can cause serious emotional problems and can also make a person lack in being self-aware. Damage in the frontal lobe can cause illnesses such as bi-polar, depression and many other mental illnesses that can be very difficult for a person to understand and come to terms with. This is why doctors give people that suffer from depression “Anti-Depressants” that can help to stop the person from being depressed because it gives them what their brains are lacking chemical wise. Lithium is one of many medications given out to people with bi-polar disorder and depression as it interacts with the nervous system and receptors in the brain and body that helps a person feel more comfortable and safe in their own mind. In 1966 a man called Charles Whitman went out and murdered a mass number of people in a college campus after killing his wife and mother for no reason at all then after the killings took his own life. At the crime scene of his wife Whitman wrote a suicide note...
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