Topics: Black Death, DNA, World population Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: May 17, 2012
Bioengineering is creating or changing a certain type of organism by changing it’s DNA or the environmental factors around it. There are many different opinions surrounding the issue. Some believe that it is alright to alter organisms the way we think is best fit. Others disagree with the entire idea of creating organisms that would not exist or survive in nature. Everybody is entitled to their belief. However, although some believe that bioengineering is not a problem, it should not have begun in the first place and it should not be continued.

Many people believe that bioengineering is not a problem because it has many advantages to it. However, it was believed that drinking mercury was healthy and as we have discovered with modern science and technologies, it is in fact harmful to the human body to consume heavy metals in their pure form. How can we know for certain that what we are doing now will not effect us in a negative form later on.

Bioengineering among humans would also cause genoism and there would be little variety. Little to no variety would cause havoc if there was a pandemic disease and the only ones who survived were the naturally born people. This would cause a major declination in the human population, such as the Black Plague. Also, it would cause genoism, discrimination against others due to their genes. This would stop certain people from getting the career they wish. If we disagree with the racism, sexism, etc. existing today, should genoism exist in the future? People should not be based on what their genes say, people have the ability to defy the odds.

We should also not be playing the role of God, it will eventually end up effecting the human population and other organism population. Even if one does not believe in a superior deity, one must admit the world contained few to no flaws before the technological advances created by man. The only pollution created before the Industrial Revolution was caused by fire, another man made...
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