Bio Psychological Disorders

Topics: Brain, Schizophrenia, Cerebrum Pages: 4 (1233 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Bio psychological Disorders



Schizophrenia affects about one percent of the human population, and can be genetic. If one parent has it then their children run the risk of having this disorder. There is no known cause of this disorder it can be genetic or environmental. There is no clear answer as to why if it runs in a family it can skip generations then pop up out of the blue. Schizophrenia affects three parts of the brain the forebrain, the hindbrain, and the limbic system. The forebrain is the largest part of the brain and includes the cerebral hemisphere. The cerebral hemisphere is divided into four lobes, the limbic system, the thalamus, hypothalamus and the corpus callosum. The forebrain controls the motor functions, sensory functions, emotional expressions, and cognition. Delusional ideas, which are a symptom of schizophrenia, are created in the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is also where the overstimulation of dopamine impacts the decreased neural activity. The temporal lobe is where hearing, object and facial recognition is regulated. When schizophrenia is present the temporal lobe process is messed up which results in visual and auditory hallucinations. The hindbrain manages motor activity, posture, balance and circulation of blood. It is the lowest part of the brain, under everything and when schizophrenia is present a result is blunted movement and inappropriate body language signals. In severe cases of schizophrenia catatonic behaviors are present, characterized by rigid posture, aimless motor activity and decreased reactions. The limbic system regulates emotions, memories, learning and sexual behavior. In a brain affected by schizophrenia impairments in this portion of the brain that create disorganized behaviors preventing normal social connecting, bizarre actions and preoccupation with inappropriate sexual content....

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