big ag vs. small ag debate

Topics: Organic food, Agriculture, Organic farming Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Small Ag vs. Big Ag

Growing up in a world reliant on food not only for survival but also for the pleasure of taste has made it increasingly harder to make healthy food choices. From the irresistible mouthwatering images displayed in advertisements by fast food corporations, to the ease of the drive through on a busy day, it is next to impossible to escape the inevitability of consuming fatty processed foods. Not only are we drawn to these foods because of accessibility and taste, but also because we have grown up with the knowledge that many of these foods are necessary for healthy development. After viewing the documentary Forks Over Knives it has become increasingly evident to me that foods derived from animals are not necessarily as important as suspected. With this in mind many will still consume these products, but is there a healthier more sustainable way to do so rather than industrialized farming? I would answer yes, it is healthier for both the animal and animal consumer for the product to be grown in its natural environment, but in reality can this method be utilized to feed the world, and can we convince those partaking in industrialized farming to completely revamp their practices? This has proven to be a very difficult question for me to ponder in that so much has to be taken into consideration to even begin developing an answer. Through the previously stated film, the class readings and discussions, and my time spent on Wildside Farm, I have developed a clearer understanding of what goes into answering a multifaceted question such as this. We have all been told to drink milk for calcium and to eat meat and eggs for protein, but in reality are these the best possible sources, and are these products doing more harm than good? Are we just being told to consume these products to benefit large industrialized food corporations? According to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn with the consumption of fatty processed foods, comes a higher risk of...

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